What is The Dreadnought?

A weekly newsletter of essays, reviews, and polemic about history, politics, and culture; funny, biting, informed, with few friends and many enemies; written by James Robins.

Alright, but who’s he?

James Robins is an award-winning independent journalist and historian based in London.

Where does the name come from?

Meaning ‘fear nothing’, this newsletter is named in reference (and in tribute) to the Woman’s Dreadnought (later Workers’ Dreadnought) paper first printed in early 1914 by Sylvia Pankhurst, just in time for what might’ve been the Second British Revolution.

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James Robins is an award-winning journalist, historian, and critic. His work has appeared in the New Republic, the TLS, Vulture, the New Humanist. He lives in London.